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Year in Review 2013

01-09-2014 / EPIC

It’s hard to put words down for what 2013 has meant to me as a person and as a business.

Since I’m a “numbers guy” let’s look at the STATS!!

In 2013:

I played 65 events in total.

Weddings, receptions, cocktail hours, dinner parties, official events

That’s twice as many as I played in 2012 .

2013= (2012* 2) +5


2013 saw several firsts.    I started working with a great musician named Ian Rowe.    He has been a benefit both professional and personally.        We put together a wedding/cocktail hour package that includes violin,cello,guitar and piano music between 2 musicians.      Cool stuff.

I met and started working with several new coordinators vendors and venues.   (I cannot list them all)

(James the Florist, Bonnie Pink Shoes, The Brockington Mundels,  Luke “the giant” Photographer, Cindy Entertainment,  Morgan Weddings-Gallo,  [Diane/ Diana/ Denise/ Izzy] Photobugs and of course the Indestructible Officer Deb)

I played at forts, beaches, mansions, backyards and private islands.

I met some really great couples and had an amazing amount  of fun.

Here’s to more of the same in 2014.

Thanks to all my Savannah Wedding Vendor Friends!!!!

Chris Dooley







Year in Review 2012

01-14-2013 / Updates

Well folks, the bride has left the building and I have my stats on my first year officially in the wedding business on my own.

In 2012:
I had a stellar year.
I performed 30 Weddings
I attended 2 Wedding Vendor shows
I played for 1 special event
I performed my first all electric wedding in the Jepson Center!
I lost count of how many brides sat with me and listened through their music at a consultation. Take advantage brides! I charge $0.00 for this service, you can hear all your music in advance, which is great because you normally don’t hear much of your music the day of your wedding. Destination brides can hear/see me over SKYPE.

I’m already receiving steady bookings for 2013 and I haven’t attended a show this year. I’m looking forward to meeting my “referral” brides this year who are getting my name from their friends who hired me recently. I love all the kind words and the promotion. That means the world to me.

Big thank you to all the wedding coordinators and vendors that pass my name along. Brides, if you want to do a wedding the easy way, and have it be fantastic, I can recommend some folks who can do that.

I promise in the coming months to put together more blog posts on various wedding music subjects. Talk again soon.

Happy New Year!!!
Chris Dooley