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01-02-2016 / AMAZING, EPIC

2015 was the best year ever professionally and personally.

Here are the 2015 stats

I did a total of 74 weddings

I played 6 special events

I did one (rare for me) recording session.

That is a total of 81 events.     That is 10 events over the 2014 total.     I have been writing these yearly reviews since 2012 when I had 30 weddings.

I think at this point I am as busy as scheduling permits so I have been advancing the careers of several other musicians.

Michael Houston for one has been getting the weddings where I’m already booked.     I can always trust him to bring professionalism and musicianship.

My student Dani Birzer also performed a couple of weddings.    I’m anxious to get her into the rotation of working with Ian and I regularly.

Of course Ian Rowe has done enough weddings with me now that wedding planners are starting to ask for both of us more often.   Pretty soon I will have to change the website to   (joking Ian – stop asking!)   Even at today’s wedding I’m amazed at how well we play together.    We communicate so well with music.    I really appreciate what he brings to my business.

Of course I wouldn’t be successful without wedding planners who keep me at the top of their list of musicians.


James Carlson with Carlson’s Premier Events & Rentals along with Joann’s Florist.

Ivory and Beau Bridal Shop and Wedding Planning with the Kangaroo Nicole along with Nicole Schwalge and Adrienna McDermott

Trish Hilton Beck with Red Gate Farms

The wonderful folks at Whitfield Chapel at Bethesda and the great folks at the Mansion at Forsyth.

All the great photographers, caterers, makeup artists and ministers who send me brides on a daily basis.   I cannot name you all.

Thank you and I hope you all have a successful 2016

GOALS for 2016

I am looking forward to working with more musicians in the coming year.   I still haven’t performed with Bill Smith which is a dream for me.

Another wedding with Grace Eckmann would be a dream come true as well.    I have to work with her while she is local before she gets famous and forgets all of us.

Shelia Scott Photography – I’m calling you out.    We have to work together on a wedding this year.

Sean McNally – I have to play music with you sometime this year.

I still have a pet bird hobby which is the subject of my other facebook page.

I’m still looking for a photographer to put some birds in a “styled shoot.”   I think this would be fun.

2016 is going to be AWESOME…. READY…… GO!










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Year in Review 2014

01-14-2015 / AMAZING, EPIC

Welcome to the 3rd installment of “Year in Review” from Affordable Violinist AKA Chris Dooley

So I try each year to grow and experiment with different directions this business might take.     This year has been no different.


I performed 65 wedding in 2014 on violin.    That was equal to the number of total events I had last year.

I also played 5 receptions, several at the Mansion on that Bosendorfer prized piano.

I played a 3 night 9 hour stand at an Italian Restaurant as a strolling violinist.     Probably not something I would sign up for again, but I learned a lot.

I played my first wedding on Mandolin.  (Thank you Trinity)

At least 1 person risked their engagement music with me.  🙂

I also played 2 bridal shows.

I played 1 evening with the band Southern Maple.    They were nice enough to let me experiment doing something I had not previously tried before.   That was fun!

Along the way I actually started tuning pianos.  (I’m not very good) but chalk up 3 pianos that I took a wrench to this year in the hopes they would sound better.

So 75 total events and 2 bridal shows is the grand total.    I continue to expand from the previous year’s tally.        #Winning <— first one of those in a blog post.


To Ian Rowe and the entire Rowe family for their continued support.    Ian is my accompanist on cello and guitar as the need arises.     He drives the van when I’m super busy and is extremely helpful in set up and tear down when we have multiple venues in one day.

James Carlson and his whole team.    The magic that he can bring to an event is beyond imagination.     Thanks for letting me be a part of it on so many occasions.

All my friends on the Savannah Wedding Vendors Page.    Whenever my phone jumps out of my pocket buzzing I know someone has mentioned needing a violinist.    Crazy cool!

…. and all my other fierce friends in the Savannah Wedding scene.       It has been and will always be a pleasure to work with all of you.       Thanks for making 2014 great.     Keep sending me brides in 2015.

Chris Dooley